Sack Race brought to you by Golden Russet Potatoes.

burlap, acrylic, clothesline, heartwood pine, found objects, copper.    2016


This sculpture encompasses two key elements...

Small- scale jewelry

Larger scale context. 

Installation shot from WCU MFA show at The Bascom: A Center for the Visual Arts. Highlands, NC.

The jewelry component comes from my background as a trained jeweler and my attempt to distance myself from the rigidness of the craft while holding on to the ability to assemble post consumer products that portray a sense of quickness, humor, and accessibility to the viewer

The context is created with the purpose to house the jewelry as well as being incorporated into the artwork itself. By continuing with the found object aspect and the sense of play that naturally accompanies it, the jewelry and structure come together as a contemporary sculpture. 

Both aspects are essential to the art as a whole, one being no more important than the other. 

“Sack Race…” installation at Revolve Gallery in Asheville, NC. 2018.

Detail view featuring “A Moose found on the Garden State Parkway”. Revolve Gallery.